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Dolphins have many qualities that make it easier to support people. They are sensitive, assertive, sometimes confronting, curious, players, and experts in synchronization.

Swimming among them invites to connect with oneself and others.

The dolphins act as a real mirror offering new perspectives and accelerating the necessary awareness of transformations.

We invite you to live a unique reconnection with yourself to reach all your potential through the meeting with dolphins free for a week in the heart of the Red Sea.

You will experience an overwhelming and profound transformations.

You will benefit from three individual coaching sessions: one before departure to determine your coaching goal, one day of individual coaching during the seminar to amplify the mirror effect of the dolphins and one session after the seminar to take stock what you learned from you and your transformations.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in collective 3D coaching in the form of systemic constellations to offer you new perspectives.

This coaching facilitated by the dolphin will allow you to let go, take a fresh look at your life, increase your level of consciousness, develop your intuition and remove the brakes from fears and limiting beliefs.

You will be able to directly practice what you will experience and learn with dolphins in your personal and professional life and in your relationships with others.

Dolphin Coaching



Dolphin Coaching


Coaching facilitated by the dolphin will be the key activity of this seminar. After having determined together before departure your goal of accompaniment for the week, we will offer a day of individual coaching to dive with you in the heart of your problem and decrypt with you the lessons learned including during the meeting with the dolphins.


At the end of the afternoon, we may gather in group to share your experiences of the day, to exchange and propose you our lighting. For example, we can offer you 3D coaching via systemic constellations to propose you new perspectives.

A typical day onboard

  • Respectful encounter with dolphins, swim with dolphins

  • Breakfast

  • Swimming for the discovery of multicolored fish and bay corals

  • Snack

  • Relaxation or scuba diving (optional) or individual coaching with Delphine or Yann

  • Lunch

  • Respectful encounter with dolphins, swim with dolphins

  • Relaxation or individual coaching with Delphine or Yann

  • Snack

  • Stories of dolphins or group 3D coaching with Delphine & Yann

  • Dinner

  • Relaxation 


Activities during the day are proposed, not imposed.

Le Sea Soul, yacht des participants au caoching facilité par le dauphin DolphInYou


  • D-1 evening: diner in Paris to get to know the participants and coaches (optional)

  • D: flight Paris-Hurghada then transfer by bus to the pier, dinner and overnight on the boat

  • D+1 to D+7: the morning of D+1, departure by boat from the port to the bay of Sataya and anchored in the heart of the turquoise lagoon until D+6 or 7

  • D+6 or 7: return to the pier, transfer to the airport and flight Hurghada Paris in the afternoon



General information
  • For who? Everyone willing to reinvent herself or himself

  • Duration: 7 days

  • Number of participants: limited to 12 people

  • Location: Sataya Bay in Egypt

  • Accommodation: double cabin to share or not in a luxury privatized yacht 33 m long and 8 m wide renovated in 2017 for 22 people

  • Dates: November 18-25, 2023

  • Price: 3000 euros including transfers & catering and accommodation on the boat included, excluding insurance.

    • This rate includes:

      • Coaching facilitated by the dolphin

      • Meals and non-alcoholic drinks on the boat

      • Nights aboard the boat in the cabin

      • Navigation fees

      • Airport transfers - pier - airport by air-conditioned bus

    • This rate does not include:

      • Flights tickets

      • Visa fees (around € 25-30)

      • Tips for the crew of the boat (allow about € 30)

      • Alcoholic beverages (50 cl beer: € 3)

      • The tax of Wadi El Gemal National Park (€ 65)

      • Multi-risk insurance

      • The equipment of fins, mask, snorkel and neoprene suit to buy before departure

      • Optional sessions of scuba diving (€ 45)

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