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Doctor in Neurosciences and HEC certified coach, Delphine Dépy Carron has been using since 2002 her knowledge of human functioning to support leaders and their teams to reinvent themselves in France and abroad.


Delphine is passionate about the animal world, inter-species communication and its use in coaching people. She first studied primates at the CNRS and then created a coaching activity facilitated by horses and also coach people to reinvent themselves through the meeting with dolphins.


Delphine contributes to HEC training programs for coaches and is asked to conduct conferences combining Neurosciences, behavioral biomimicry and life of organizations on topics such as leadership, collective intelligence, intrapreneurship, innovation or emotional intelligence.


Coach certified by HEC, Yann Sonneck has been coaching leaders, their management committee and their teams to reinvent themselves in France and abroad for more than 10 years.

Yann is passionate about strategy, complexity and functioning of organizations. After leading several companies in the industry, logistics and consulting, he helps leaders to sublimate their encounters with dolphins and dance with their complexity.

Yann's approach is concrete, results-oriented and strongly geared towards experimentation and benevolent confrontation.

Delphine and Yann created INTO, the Institute of Neuroscience for the Transformation of Organizations.


INTO has three main missions:

1. Conduct applied neuroscience research in business.

2. Support transformation of organizations with new discoveries in neuroscience.

3. Train coaches, leaders and managers to put these methods into practice in order to change behavior in organizations in a sustainable way.

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